3 Easy Ways to Incorporate Resale Into Your Back-to-School Marketing Campaigns

Jul 5, 2018 3:23:15 PM / by Dori Graff

3 Easy Ways to Incorporate Resale Into Your Back-To-School Marketing Campaigns

Every new shopping season is a good time to think about how to offset the amount of new that’s being put into closets by taking advantage of the great secondhand clothing and accessories that are already available. The next big wave is back to school, a huge time for any brand that sells kids and baby clothes. Even if you already have your marketing campaigns in place — and we wouldn’t be surprised if you do — there is still time to incorporate resale into your back to school efforts and marketing messages.

Talk About The Quality and Longevity of Your Products

At Kidizen, we know moms are looking to invest in kids clothes that will stand up to wear again and again, particularly as kids move back into sports programs and the change in seasons present opportunities for inclement weather to induce more wear and tear on clothes and accessories. A brand that includes a primary message around quality and construction is telling these moms that they are likely able to resell your brand on a secondary market, like Kidizen, or be assured that they could pass them down from one sibling or family member to the next.

Try an In-Store Trade-In Event

If the incorporation of a secondhand platform is daunting for your team or mid-year budget, consider a simple trade-in program at one of your stores at a time when increased foot traffic will be prevalent. Use organic social channels or segment your emails to let your customers know when or where they can bring previously worn items from your brand; let them know they’ll receive credit to buy new, incentivizing them to keep these items out of landfills and piled in boxes at home. From there, Kidizen offers a program that taps our community of power sellers to resell these collected items back into a marketplace of price- and quality-conscious moms who may already be fans or could be hearing about your brand for the first time.

Partner to Educate Your Customers

Moving toward a green or sustainable model, but want to test the waters with your customers? Incorporate a small handout at your point of purchase or inside your shipments, informing moms that they have options to pass along or sell their outgrown clothes instead of throwing them out. Example: A postcard explaining Kidizen’s Mail-In Program that lets moms input their information to receive a pre-paid shipping label and compensation for mailing their outgrown items, is an easy place to start.

The movement to incorporate resale into a brand’s overall retail strategy has already begun. From big name companies like Patagonia and Stella McCartney to smaller ones like June & January and GroVia (two Kidizen brand partners)—forward-thinking companies believe sustainability is the future. Is your brand ready to join them? Visit our full Guide to Kids Resale for Brands.


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Dori Graff

Written by Dori Graff

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