7 Things Your Customers Want You to Know About Resale

Jul 10, 2018 2:40:41 PM / by Dori Graff

7 Things Your Customers Want You To Know About Resale

#1 I Want to Hear More About Your Quality

We all know kids can be really hard on clothes and I want to make sure I’m making a good investment. If I know they’re going to last for my kids and even have the potential to be resold—I’m much more likely to buy from your brand and tell others about it. What do I want to know? Tell me about how knees are reinforced, how your textiles are constructed, and whether they hold up to multiple washes. In other words, let me know quality is important to you, too!

#2 I Love Shopping Secondhand

You might have some outdated and unfortunate idea of what it means to buy something secondhand, but I can assure you, I love it. I love hunting for a deal, locating an item that was discontinued, or exploring vintage styles to incorporate into my family’s modern closets. It’s even better when the shopping supports other families; I can feel good about my purchases and the social-minded nature of it makes the experience easier to recommend to others.

#3 I Don't Mind Paying More for Great Secondhand Items

It might surprise you to learn I’m not necessarily shopping secondhand to get bargain basement deals. A modest discount is appreciated, but I’ve also paid retail prices (and more) to purchase an item I’ve fallen in love with. Combined with the feel-good nature of buying from other parents and keeping quality items out of landfills, taking home a unique dress or pair of shoes that I know nobody else’s kid will have on the playground is always very tempting to me.

#4 I Want You to Talk to Me About Sustainability

I want to feel good about what I’m buying and messages around how shopping with your brand helps me do that make a difference! What does “green” mean to your company? Why are you interested in it? What have you done so far? How can customers help you achieve your eco-friendly objectives? Many companies pay lip service to being environmentally friendly, but I want to know where you stand on the issue.

#5 It's More About Personal Style versus Trends

Getting to shop the “latest and greatest” is a nice marketing tool, but to me, the best kids clothes are the ones that have sustained quality (and style) to last when they’re handed down. How does the cut, construction, and design lend itself to longevity? How can it be paired with items from past seasons or past shapes to create a unique look? Can that toddler dress turn into a tunic for my four-year-old? Can your shoes easily be washed for reuse? When you create clothes and accessories not just for this season, but five seasons beyond it, that’s helpful to me.

#6 I Still Like to Be Rewarded for Shopping

We all want to do what’s best for our children—and if we can shop for them and feel good about it we’re going to come back and do it again (and again). And if you incentivize that, with loyalty programming or buy-back options, my experience (and my likelihood of sharing your brand with others) will be even better. Getting the most out of each purchase is something that’s important to every family, even when they’re shopping resale.

#7 But You've Gotta Make It Easy

At the end of the day, I’m still a mom, trying to juggle everything for my family. I want to do right by the environment, by my family, by my checkbook, and by the community of moms I know and love in the resale community—but I don’t have an overage of time to connect the dots for brands trying to make resale work. Give me an easy link, a single page to shop from, or a code that’s easy to remember, and I’m much more likely to follow through with my purchases.

If you want to see the big picture of kids resale, visit our full Guide to Kids Resale for Brands.


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Dori Graff

Written by Dori Graff

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