Managing Kids Resale During the Back-to-School Rush

Jul 5, 2018 3:00:28 PM / by Dori Graff

Managing Kids Resale During the Back-to-School Rush

You might know kids clothing resale is something your brand is interested in, but you might be nervous about what you can reasonably take on as a small to mid-size team, especially during the rush of back to school shopping. With parents beginning to restock closets for growing kids and changing seasons as early as July—elevate their experience with the addition of resale with a partner than can help you manage it.

Not All Resale is Created Equal

If resale is new to your brand, you might be conjuring all the scenarios and touch points that might be required to get up and running before it can be useful for your customers. Stepping into resale might be as simple as incorporating a flyer in your packages or at the point of purchase, letting your customers know you believe resale is a great way to breathe new life into your clothes. Some brands have even gone so far as to incentivize customers for reselling. You might consider a partner to help you manage it.

A Resale Partner Can Decrease Workload for All Teams

With a partner that provides the right solutions for your needs, supporting the resale side of your business might be as simple as checking in on your existing resale community. At Kidizen, we offer each brand their own page within our marketplace to interact as much or as little as they desire, giving them access to top sellers, the opportunity to share eco-friendly updates, or tap Kidizen-based ambassadors to help spread the word. We then manage the analysis of these interactions, making recommendations in real-time based on what we’re seeing and hearing.

Take It One Step at a Time

Just because a partner has multiple solutions, like taking your excess inventory, creating a new pathway to discovery for customers, moving your BST group off a platform like Facebook or Instagram, or offering loyalty rewards for customers who purchase your brand new and secondhand, doesn’t mean you have to do everything at once. The right resale partner can help select the right solution for you based on the size of your team and inventory, your sales or marketing calendar, and your level of comfort in introducing resale to your customers. It might be a combination or a simple testing of the waters and it should always be up to you.

Curious what type of resale solution might work best for your brand? Visit our full Guide to Kids Resale for Brands.


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Dori Graff

Written by Dori Graff

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