Resale for Kids Brands: A Back-to-School Primer

Jul 3, 2018 3:39:57 PM / by Dori Graff

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 It may feel like summer has just begun, but school is not far away, and with it, the families who will begin shopping to fill their closets for fall and winter. It’s a busy time, but it’s also an important time to consider resale; a resale presence will help you continue to engage with your customers after the boom of back-to-school shopping has slowed. If the idea of implementing this type of sustainable model is new to you (or even if it isn’t) we’ve put together an introduction.

Lesson #1: Kids Clothes Are Perfect for Resale

You’ve probably noticed a great many items being resold in secondary marketplaces, like cars or furniture. But did you know, clothes—and kids clothes in particular—are perfect for resale? Kids often outgrow what’s in their closets before they have a chance to wear them and when parents invest in quality brands, even well-worn apparel can find life in second, third, or even fourth owners. More than that, most parents know the pain of having boxes of outgrown clothing, shoes, and accessories piling up in their basements. When it’s time to clean it all out, they’ll need something to do with it and landfills can no longer be an option.

Lesson #2: Moms Are Already Involved in Kids Resale

At Kidizen, we’ve seen how active millennial moms looking for a return on investment from their kids clothes can be. A lot of early activity took place in social forums called Buy/Sell/Trade (“BST”) groups on Facebook and Instagram, which centered around individual brands. For example, Tula, a small company carrying high-end baby carriers, has 125k members in just one of its 50+ Tula-specific BST groups on Facebook. With high participation and a lack of tools to manage purchasing, shipping, and customer service on the consumer side, and managing company image and perception for brands on the other side, many have been looking for a better solution for everyone involved.

Lesson #3: Kids Resale Is Great for Primary Markets

Resale can be a benefit to brands—if they know how to leverage it. Brands that have taken the leap to harness the power of resale and its communities have found that a strong secondary market supports their primary market. “By being more involved in your brand’s resale communities, you are improving sales,” says Kim Hornsby, founder of kids cloth diaper company, GroVia, and one of Kidizen’s first brand partners. “Customers are able to sell off the products they not longer need or they are looking to trade…[they] then use those funds to purchase new products while allowing another family to benefit from their used products. It’s win-win!”

Lesson #4: Implementing Resale for Back-to-School is Easier Than You Think

The first step is finding a partner who can assist your team in moving toward a more sustainable business strategy for your products. Kidizen’s community-driven resale platform accomplishes this based on your needs, which can include (1) solving excess and return inventory through our network of power sellers; (2) empowering your customers with loyalty programs that reward them when they buy or sell your brand secondhand; (3) hosting trade-in events to capture secondhand clothing and accessories that can be sold through your own Powered by Kidizen Marketplace.

The back-to-school rush is busy for all retailers, primary and resale marketplaces included. Capitalize on the opportunity to speak to your customers about shopping quality and sustainability, give them more options to purchase your brand with the addition of a secondhand marketplace or increased presence, and give them a reason to reach out to them about selling their outgrown items after the rush of back-to-school has ended.

If you want to see the big picture of kids resale beyond back-to-school, visit our full Guide to Kids Resale for Brands.  


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Dori Graff

Written by Dori Graff

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