3 Easy Ways to Incorporate Resale Into Your Back-to-School Marketing Campaigns

Jul 5, 2018 3:23:15 PM / by Dori Graff posted in Kids Resale Guide, Back-to-School


Every new shopping season is a good time to think about how to offset the amount of new that’s being put into closets by taking advantage of the great secondhand clothing and accessories that are already available. The next big wave is back to school, a huge time for any brand that sells kids and baby clothes. Even if you already have your marketing campaigns in place — and we wouldn’t be surprised if you do — there is still time to incorporate resale into your back to school efforts and marketing messages.

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Managing Kids Resale During the Back-to-School Rush

Jul 5, 2018 3:00:28 PM / by Dori Graff posted in Managing Resale, Back-to-School


You might know kids clothing resale is something your brand is interested in, but you might be nervous about what you can reasonably take on as a small to mid-size team, especially during the rush of back to school shopping. With parents beginning to restock closets for growing kids and changing seasons as early as July—elevate their experience with the addition of resale with a partner than can help you manage it.

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