How Resale Drives Retail ROI

Drive customer loyalty through the ROI on your long-lasting, quality products. 
We know that not all brands are made equal. Kidizen promotes the brands in our marketplace that are long-lasting, quality-made and loved. It may surprise you to know that much of the top-selling brand inventory resold on Kidizen is purchased at over 50% its original retail price. For customers who are new to your brand, providing a resale ROI message can be exactly the assurance they need to drive them to make a purchase. When your customers sell their outgrown inventory on Kidizen, they’re able to recapture some of their original investment and spend their savings on the next generation of your brand’s styles.
What does it mean to be Re-love Certified by Kidizen? 
Re-love Certified is Kidizen’s endorsement of the awesome brands on our platform, the ones that our resale customers purchase and love the most. We don't throw the “L” word around lightly. It means something more to us than ‘hearting’ a physical thing. It means that item has been worn and loved by another kid and outlasted it’s first love. It is ready to be re-loved. The brands we certify have a high standing in that they both retain their value and they sell quickly with our customers. 
How can my brand make the list?
If you’re already aware of the impact that resale communities have on brand loyalty, you probably have an understanding of what customers expect from brands today. Simply put, they expect more. Fashion is no longer the only consideration for customers to choose which brands make their list. It’s important to understand the purpose your brand plays in their lives and the role that you have in extending your products’ shelf life. Learn more about what resale communities can do to get your brand on this list. 

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